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As the new owner of Phillip’s Flags it is with great pleasure that I take over the reins from Phillip Powell. What an incredible job Phillip has done at building this organization, providing impeccable customer service and empowering the spirit of patriotism. It is a goal of mine for all of this to continue.

I purchased this company for many reasons. My experience and background is in the energy industry however after that ended a few years ago I took on the challenge of being a stay at home dad. Now three years later…I praise even more all the stay at home mothers. A regular job seems much easier. I have three very lively daughters 9,6 and 3. I envision as my daughters grow they will be able to help with the business and earn money for college. In addition, I like the idea of building community through patriotism and what better way to do this than to display the American flag. I love this country and I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life.

It is my endeavor to continue the wonderful tradition of Phillip’s Flags within the Katy communities and to grow this company beyond the Katy area. With your help we can continue to make Katy the most patriotic area of Houston and allow this enthusiasm to spread throughout Houston. How incredible would it be….to be the most culturally diverse city and the most patriotic. Truly extraordinary!