Phillip’s customer service is incredible. He’s quick to respond to messages and his crew is fantastic. Cannot recommend enough!!!
Lisa Erickson, Katy TX
Phillip is a hard working guy who started his business to help pay for college. I have used his service for many years and he is conscientious, prompt, and communicates with his customers. I highly recommend and if you have any questions you can call me at 282-948-5548. I have no connection with him other than “Phillips Flags” however my dad was a WW2 marine who was on the first wave into Iwo Jima and we should all wave the American flag to show our support and loyalty.
Sandi Pederson, Hickory Creek
Phillip’s service has been fantastic! He has kept us informed on every occasion. I look forward to seeing the flag displayed in my yard. I wish every family in Seven Meadows would do this and show how proud we are to be in this wonderful country, a beautiful sea of red, white and blue!
Lorraine, Seven Meadows
We are proud of and proud for Phillip. His entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and sincerity is an example of how good many of our young men and women excel based on a vision and effort. Way to go parents-y’all are doing amazing. As a patriot and veteran, it gives me great pleasure to see our flags flying on special national holiday-all done due to Phillip. Thanks, Phillip.
Dean Murphy, Cinco Ranch Section II
I’ve rarely seen customer service as good as yours. I can see why so many people recommended you on FB. I will be doing the same. Thank you for such a quick response.
Lisa, Cinco Ranch
It was a nice surprise to walk out and see our flag. Didn’t even know you guys came around today. Thank you, I should have signed up sooner!
Han Kang, Seven Meadows
Thanks so much for this flag service! My son joined the US Navy last year and I love waking up on those patriotic mornings to see the flags proudly displayed in honor of our country and our troops!! I really appreciate what you do!
Shawn, Cinco Ranch SW
We love having the flags out in front of our house for the holidays. Phillip always installs on time and the flags look great!!! Well worth the money!
Erica, Seven Meadows
I have used Phillip’s Flags for years and love it. It feels so good to drive down the street and see these flags waving in the wind. And he typically has them out very early in the morn and picks up late in the evening. Great Service. I highly recommend!!!
Donna Ermis, Seven Meadows
I have used Phillips for a year and like that they leave the flag several days.
Linda Dressen, Ashfield Gardens
It is pretty obvious [] that not everyone has a Boy Scout living close enough to knock on their door. It’s good to know there is a service accessible to everyone, not just us with active Scouts.
Sarah O'Rourke, Grand Lakes
Keep up the great job Phillip. We definitely will be using your service.
Janet Mon, Cinco Ranch
Got my flag for this weekend! Thanks for super fast service!
Cathy Delarosa
On time every time! Wonderful service by a hard working young man.
Maya Roll, Seven Meadows
GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always on time.
Laura Mayeux, Cinco Ranch Section II
Fast, efficient service. Flag is always installed and removed on the promised time and date.
Cynthia Reece, Ashfield Gardens
Very reliable service, good quality flags, flagpoles straight, respectful presentation of colors, flags fly for appropriate length of time around flag holidays, prompt pick-up.
Susan Grimes, Cinco Ranch Section II
It was a great surprise coming home from a wedding last nite to see the flag in my yard. Thank you…..Love it….
Deborah Davison, Katy
Your service over the past 3 yrs has been exemplary & have recommended neighbors to use you.
Larry Sass, Seven Meadows
The service is great… You provide exactly what you promise… on-time.
Robert Demarco, Cinco Ranch Section II
I love your service. I want to continue for as long as I live here in this house. Thank you for your service.
Barb Weis, Seven Meadows
I am so glad to have found your service.
Kathleen McConnell, Cinco Ranch
Thank you for offering this service in our community! ??
Michelle Anderson, Cinco SW
Signed up! Great concept! Can’t wait for our first flag!
Brandye Randermann, Katy
Enjoyed going outside this morning and seeing my flag! Thanks!
Beth Francis, Katy
Got mine today! I smile when I see it! Happy 4th!
Beth Francis
Just got ours- great service! Flag was placed so quick!!
Terrific way to say thanks to our military and that we are American. Thank you!
Debra Betts, Katy
It’s a great feeling to open the front door and see my flag there…..
“Got mine today! Love Phillips Flags! He is my new hero!”
Karlita Bowman
Can’t wait to surprise my husband with the flag…

A special thank you especially after I ordered at the last minute. My husband had a huge smile on his face. ??

Jessica Corn
I was thrilled to wake up yesterday morning and see the flag in front of my house . I have been using my parents for the last 20 years . I will take it up to the lake and use it there. So glad we signed up for Phillip’s Flags!????
Tudy Ellis
I just love seeing Phillip’s flags flying on all the major holidays in front of my home—-chose to have TWO flags each time.
Janet Micklos
I subscribed on June 30th, and it was installed this afternoon. I only hope more of my neighbors will subscribe too. Phillip, thank you for your hard efforts in making a new customer happy.
Adrian Olivares
Just wanted to say we are beyond satisfied with Phillips flags service. He truly went above and beyond! Very professional and for us calling him last min he sure did deliver! Thank you for your great service!
Kim Gonzalez
Nothing better then coming home today from our weekend trip and having our flags blowing in the wind
David Gallant
I so enjoy seeing my flag up and honoring our country
Ellie Smith
We LUV cng ourz ????wave N de breeze… Some wk.ends we hv 5 flags flying = 2 American ones + all of our College & NFL ones, too. Prompt service each wk.
Pam O'Bryan

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